Roofing Services in South West and South East London

If you experience ceiling stains in a room after rainfall this indicates that water is leaking into your roof space. By repairing the damage as soon as possible this will stop further rainfall from damaging the fabric of your house. We cover all types of roof repairs (Slate Roofs, Tiled Roofs and Felt roofs).

Roofing Services offered:

Slate Roofs

Free estimate to inspect the overall condition of a slate roof
Temporary repair to a cracked roofing slate
Removing of a damaged slate
Repositioning slates
Replacing a damaged area of a slate roof

Tiled Roofs

Free Estimate to inspect the the overall condition of a tiled roof
Temporary repair to cracked tiles
Removing and replacing damaged tiles
Repositioning tiles which have been moved
Replacing ridge or hip tiles

Felt Roof

Free Estimate on checking the the overall condition of a felt roof
Repair of minor problems with a felt roof
Repair large areas of a felt roof
Removal and replacement of an old felt roof

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